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Why Real Estate?

Now that I have overcome the FEAR of my first blog post (smile), I have began to contemplate the mission or purpose of my blog. I will obviously be utilizing it to share information about real estate, lifestyle topics and Philadelphia. However, more importantly, I would like to give my web viewers and potential clients more insight about me as a person. One of the most frequent questions that I am asked by new or prospective clients is how and/or why did I make the transition from a career in nursing to a career in real estate. My answer is quite simple. Although the skill sets and "products" are different, in order to be successful in both professions, you have to have the ability to establish trusting relationships with others. On any given day as a nurse, I could meet five different patients with five different personalitites and within an 8 -12 hour period, I would have to gain their trust in order  to care for them and help them attain their goal of improved health. Nurses have to be organized, effective communicators and possess the ability to serve as advocates and the ability to support people through stressful times. My experience in real estate is very similiar. In order to establish a successful outcome with my clients (buyers or sellers), they have to trust that I am knowledgeable, that I have their best interest and that I am committed to helping them achieve their real estate goals. So to me the essence of the two professions is the same. Having this perspective made the transition very easy for me. Nurses make great Realtors! A recent Gallop poll revealed that 80% of the participants viewed nurses as honest and ethical and only 8-12% viewed salespeople as possessing the same characteristics. Being a nurse provides me with a competitive edge over my competition! And in the rare instance that we encounter an unexpected medical emergency while househunting (it has happened by the way!), I am your girl! (smile)

First Time for Everything!

Welcome to my inaugural blog post! Although I enjoy writing, I am still embarking on this journey with a fair amount of trepidation and fear. Will people find my topics interesting or relevant? Will I have the time to keep my blog current? Where will I find the inspiration for new posts? Even as all of these questions float through my mind, I continue to type. I continue to type because I understand that in order to grow and evolve professionally and personally, I must face fear and uncertainty. With that being said, the topic of today's post is FEAR or FalseEnergyAppearingReal as I like to call it. The false energy of FEAR is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. I believe that it was Jack Canfield that said, "Everything that you want is on the other side of fear". I encourage each of you to join me and step on the other side of fear. Try something new. Pursue your passions. LIVE.
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